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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning Saturday 500am  ABC  February 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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right now a local teacher accused of having sex in a classroom is in a wake county jail waiting to face a judge. it is saturday, february 20th. it is 5:00. here's a live look outside over downtown orlando this morning. marina jurica is tracking a
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it was warmer but it was breezy. and we'll be in the mid-to upper 70s. we're still dealing with some coastal clouds. and that is expected as we move into the day today. but fog is a big issue. especially in the villages and leaseberg. so we into a that we would be dealing with some fog. and i drew in on 417 with a touch of fog as well. and we're looking at a lot of 50s out there and upper 40s left over in the northern earn counties. and the warming trend will continue area wide. and early whipped five to ten in-- wind five to ten and mid- to upper 80s inland and low 70s
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i'll have the big race forecast for the daytona 500. a teacher expected in having sex with a student will face a judge in a few hours. the investigators said it happened the east ridge high school in no the student got a message if this man through an adult website. he admitted that he sent the girls messages but said they never had sex. >> and you trust the teachers and coaches with our kids. >> he will see a judge around 8:00 this morning and we'll have a crew there and we'll let you know what happens. part of your with ford road is closed in both directions as the police investigate a deadly crash.
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it all happened near curry ford. and it will be closed to dixieville for several hours. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. it's been five days but the police have not found the infant that was born in a pine hills apartment this week. the police spent the day search this pond. it was born at the willow bend apartments. neighbors are hoping that the baby will be found alive. >> i stop and talk to her every now and ten. >> the mother, susan richardson is being held in the orange
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several teenagers are accused of running over a deputy. they say this teen ran over marcy pierce when she tried to arrest him yesterday morning. she was found with a broken foot and other injuries. he has a long list of charges. >> we have no reason to believe that he's armed with a firearm or anything at this point. but when you take the initiative to deliberately rundown a law enforcement officer who is in uniform, you have the mindset that you can certainly be dangerous to others. >> orlando police and florida highway for orlando ortiz. we told you that and orange county deputy delayed the trial for another deputy for running down another officer.
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anderson during a traffic stop and it was caught on camera. officer anderson is still recovering. the democratic presidential candidates will face off in the nevada caucuses and the republicans are looking ahead to the south carolina primary. and the presidential hopefuls held more than 20 events trying to sway voters. >> we got to get out tomorrow and vote. >> reporter: with the polls showing the lead in south carolina is dwindling. he's taking on apple for not helping the investigators to break into want san bernardino killer's cell phones. >> i will say that the pope was great. and he's a nice man. >> reporter: ted cruz is facing
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states in his canadian birth. marco rubio campaign the with nikki haley after winning her endorsement. and jeb bush was campaigning with his mother, the former first lady. in nevada, bernie sanders rushing to beat hillary clinton to the hinn initial finish line. hillary clinton picking up a crucial endorsement from south carolina's most powerful democrat. >> my heart has always been with hillary clinton. >> reporter: the race in nevada too close to call. the latest polls those donald
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rubio gaining in the last several days. hundreds of more thankers will gather in washington d.c. for a funeral and a mass in remembrance of the late justice scalia. yesterday scalia's casket was displayed at the supreme court where he was on the bench for 30 years. the ceo of apple has more time to respond to the fbi wanting them to unlock their cell phone and they asked apple to open it. but they say creating the software to open the phone would make all users valuable. state officials confirmed their first case of the zika virus in orange county.
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in brevard county. they believe that the newest patient became infected during a trip to colombia. you can learn everything you need to know about the zika virus on st. cloud police want to warn drivers to be careful if you pay at the pump with your debit or credit card. they spotted a credit card skimmer at this gas station on 192. this past month skimming has been a big problem in the area for the past two weeks. one of the men arrested in connection with the deadly nightclub shooting is out of jail on bond. he walked out of jail last night and he was arrested with another man for the alleged involvement in the shooting. two people were killed and ten
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shooting. seminole county teachers are still struggling to reach an agreement with the school board on pay raises. it has forced them to only work the minimum hours required by their contract. the group you see here at spring lake elementary school stood in front of the school in the morning and left right when school let out at 3:00 in the afternoon. e-mails are going unanswered and papers ungraded. >> look beyond everything and have some sympathy for us because a lot of us are barely surviveing with salary that we're make -- surviving with the salary that we're making. >> they hope to have the dispute resolved soon. there will not be a closure on 72 but there could be some delays. they made enough progress last
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need to close the lanes. state transportation officials said you should expect one lane blocked off during certain times and the roadway is often used as an alternate to i-4. it is a big day for race fans, the daytona 500 is sold out. tomorrow all the new and improved seating along the front stretch of the daytona international speedway will be filled with thousands of fans and there will be a lot of traffic in the and and the final practice for the race is affinity race at 3:00 this afternoon. the weather should be perfect. the weather will be perfect. it is usually chilly for the daytona 500. this is the first time it will be nice and warm.
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atlantic, we'll be seeing high sea as well as high rip current risks and that is going to be through the weekend. make sure that you swim through a lifeguard station. the villages from west to east starting out sunny and we'll see a few fair weather clouds roll in this afternoon. and mount dora and the i-4 corridor, the same setup and high of 74. in tightsville, the sunshine will be returning as we head into the afternoon with a lovely high of 71. a judge said that the city of orlando violated the law issuing the company for red light tickets. and what it means for the others that have not paid their pictures.
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good morning. high pressure is in control. it is set up shop and it is going to check with us through the weekend. as we move into the rest of the weekend, we'll be looking at say southeasterly flow that will really help warm the temperatures up as we move into our monday and tuesday. but lots of sunshine as we move into the day and the coastal counties will see more sunshine
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is we're seeing a big bulls eye. and marion is looking at visibility two miles or less. and clermont 3. and i saw a touch of fog as i was moving on 417. but it will lift quickly as soon as the sun arrives in about two hours. we're cooler up north. but the rest of us looking into the 50s and 60s across the brevard county coast. line. so we're in a warming trend and we'll stay that way as we head into the rest of the weekend. quiet winds out there. and we'll be early at five to ten inland and 15 miles an hour along the coastline. so looking at your day today, we're starting out with a little patchy fog this morning and lots of sunshine this afternoon and warmer and a few clouds roll in tonight and a nice night. and future track nine is trying to bring onshore showers into our forecast for the day today. but it is unlikely.
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air as well and trying to bring a few sprinkles offshore and we'll see the showers stay off into the atlantic. but we'll see a lot of stubborn clouds along the coastline. and the clouds will be increasing where it will be mostly cloudy and a chance of showers developing by monday night. 55 degrees tonight and mostly clear with patchy fog and the five-day forecast with the weekend always in view, there's an 82 on tuesday before the next cold front pushes through giving us a chance for rain and storms tuesday into wednesday. in volusia county we're waiting to hear what the man will go on trial that killed his wife and children. the judge said that his attorneys had to force him to come to the deland courtroom because he did not want to leave his cell. he is accused of killing the
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the trial has been on hold as florida rewrites laws for the death penalty. >> these are real people, real lives that are being affected by what is going on. but this is happening all over the state. >> so far, no trial date has been scheduled. a man from polk county has been sentenced to life in prison for killing his 3-year- old daughter and her mother. 38-year-old lester ross was arrested and charge in the crime. he was originally facing the death penalty. a homeless man is now in jail accused of stealing money from a brevard county church. he was caught on surveillance camera stealing if the church on merritt island. it is unclear how much was stolen. orlando drivers could soon get a break from the red light ticks after a judge ruled that
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law after issuing them. this woman fought is in 2013. she argued that the city let a private company do the job of the police. and we spoke with someone with the traffic clinic. >>i think the appeals court will find in our favor and that will bind the entire fifth circuit. and that includes osceola county. >> city leaders said they will continue to issue tickets as of now. our analyst said that if you get a ticket, you should try to fight it and hoping this fight will get them all thrown out. if this is passed, dave -- will collect two paychecks from the taxpayers.
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the system meant to save you money. >> reporter: dave cleric is the leading candidate. >> i'm a good steward of the taxpayer dollar. >> reporter: his plan is to retire may and he'll collect a lump sum of a half million dollars and then $8,000 a month as sheriff. that is $20,000 a month or $240,000 a year. >> it awful. >> reporter: florida tax watches against public employees to retire only to return to the same agency. it was intended to save taxpayers money. >> the pension is not defined by me but the state.
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donating any part of that? >> i box i'm involved in my church and very involved -- tither. >> reporter: 3600 employees in florida are in drop. and cleric is following the exact same path as other sheriffs and state attorney jeff ashton. >> we created some of our officials are far better and high standard of living compensation of living and assets than the people they serve. it is public service in reverse. >> reporter: and now tax watch is pushing to the state to keep rehired employees from collecting retirement. >> if it means that much for the taxpayers so much, bring item to the legislatures and
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>> five years ago they implemented stricter rules. and now you have to wait six months and your inspection suspended for a -- your inspection pension is suspended for a year.
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out that . orange county man that attacked an elderly woman with a box cutter will spend the rest of his life in prison. deputies said that reed repeatedly slashed 69-year-old lou fisher's throat during a robbery at her home last july. fisher said that she did not expect the life sentence but happy with it. >> i'm pleased and the factoff
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don't have to worry about him coming after me or anyone else. >> he was arrested five times before moving to florida. the teacher that is accused of having sex with a student in judge. he denies those allegations. but what he did admit when he was questioned. our warmup continues into the weekend. and i'll let you know how warm the temperatures will get coming up. here's some ideas how to spend your day.
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a local teacher accused of having sex with a student in a classroom is in the wake county jail waiting to face a judge. good morning. february 20th and 5:30. this is a live look over downtown orlando. marina jurica is in severe weather center 9 and it is going to warm up out there. >> and it is. and once the sun comes in, it will be warming up and we're dealing with a touch of fog this morning. but we'll be looking at a beautiful day. and there will be a lot of
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coastal counties and that will be the case as we move into the day and you'll get a little more sunshine later on this afternoon. where we're leaking at clear are conditions, it is foggy. so keep that in mind. take a look at the visibility numbers. we can see that marion, sumter and central lake have the worst fog right now with visibility less than five miles and on the coastline, six to eight mile visibility to tightsville into sanford. but we'll see the fog develop for another hour, hour and a half before it dissipates. current temperatures right now looking good. we're in the 50s across the i-4 corridor, 60s along the brevard county west line and upper 40s as you head towards the north. the big day in the villages. we're going to be looking at lots of sunshine, 74 degrees by 2:00. and we'll be looking at up to the upper 70s for some
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day today. the state fire marshal is trying to determine what sparked a fire at the timber apartment building in orlando. we told you about the apartment complex when it became a hotspot for crime. no one hurt and the units impacted were all vacant. volusia county deputies said they need heavier equipment to search for human remains in a wooded area. they were first reported near surveyor. and they believe that the remains could belong to 56-year- old adolf gray. gray disappeared from the jail in 2014. there is still no sign of and orange county teenager accused of trying to run over a deputy we uncovered more history of the teenager and the deputy. deputies have had a lot of
5:33 am
>> reporter: we found this orange county street dark and quiet. no search underway for this 15- year-old fugitive. >> we will hold him accountable for his actions even as a juvenile. >> reporter: he deliberately tried to run this woman down as she approached him into custody for car burglaries. >> she could hear the engine revving and he increased the speed. >> reporter: she had head, back injuries before the release to the hospital. sergeant pierce may have known or tease for her work in the -- ortiz for her work in the juvenile district. the deputies have been out here
5:34 am
do you know him? they tried to contact him through his mother but people that answered the phone said they did not know his mother or her son. >> this morning state troopers and the orlando police are also searching for him. they believe he is in a white honda hatchback with black wheel rims. a lake county teacher accused of having sex inside a student inside the classroom is inside the wake county jail without bond and is expected to face a judge in the next few hours. and we're live at the lake county jail this morning. the teacher reinside having a sexual relationship with the teenager. >> reporter: he denied having a sexual relationship to her but he admitted to meeting her on line and hanging out with her. and the lake county sheriff's office arrested the 41-year-old
5:35 am
school in clermont who they said had sex with a student there. the student said it happened around 1:00 a.m. in november 2015. marshal right unlocked the gate and had sex in his portable classroom with the victim. the victim knew the teacher because she was a former student of his at the high school where she still attends. and he is expected to go before a judge later this morning. he is being held on no bond at this point but that could change before he appears before a judge. reporting live. sanford city leaders will try to get help from residents solving crimes. there will be an event for the stop the silence campaign later this morning. and the campaign was created to encourage the community to come forward with any tips that could help with those unsolved cases.
5:36 am
leads in 7 unsolved murders since 2010. the event will start at 10:00 this morning at the sanford police department. the alleged brevard county bank robber caught on camera making his get away is now in jail without bond. that is 26-year-old andrew reed inside the community educator's credit union. you see him taking money from the clerk and leaving. but reed did not get very far before he was caught by an off- duty deputy. we found more details the murder of an orlando cab driver whose car was found abandoned last summer. and we sorted through the photos from the crime scene showing michael smith's burned out cab. and the suspect told investigators that he and two friends were in the taxi when one of the friends pulled out a gun. he and the other friend took off and smith's body has not been found. the police said there's enough
5:37 am
a marion county deputy caught sleeping on the job has resign. the gps was off and they went where they found the last signal and they found him in sleep in his car in front of his house. the author known for her book "to kill a mockingbird" has died. lee became famous after writing her 1960 novel. it became an american classic and a standard in many classrooms across the country. she recently reached another book which also became a best seller. how police credit this child's teachers with helping them make the arrest.
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clouds along the coastline. but everyone will see the sunshine by later in the day.
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pristine weather for the daytona 500. college park and the i-4 corridor you'll get a few fair weather clouds and a few clouds rolling in later on this evening with the high of 74. a beautiful day to head to the beach with a high of 71. two lake county parents are facing charges from school officials after a nine-year-old child came to the school in injuries. danielle matthews did nothing about it and told him and the
5:42 am
the school officials said they saw the child's injuries and reported it. >> our folks are trained and told if they suspect there's a case abuse or abandonment or neglect, they are object obligated to report. >> dcs has removed all children that lived with the couple. who made it through the wrecks to pull through victory lane. >> i wanted to ask him, come clean, is this true? >> and we're hearing from the business partner of a florida teenager accused of pretending to be a doctor. why he said that he had no idea that the teenager
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the fact that he robbed an 80-year-old lady is what bothers me. >> since his release from jail, the teenager has denied any wrongdoing and said that the allegations against him are untrue. a bill that aims to protect florida's elderly citizens from financial player isation by guardians is one step closer to becoming a law. and it will regulate and monitor private guardians for the elderly. it passed the full senate yesterday and headed for the house floor. a state senator that sponsored the bill said that the exploitation problem is not just in florida. >> florida had the strongest laws in the nation and we have
5:46 am
all of the other states are worse than us. we'll let you know if the house votes in favor of this bill. a controversial bill program has been approved by the house. the best and the brightest was approved by the house. it will give bonuses to teachers that have students that tested high on the sat tests. 5300 teachers have qualified. sanford city leaders are searching for community members to take part in a arts commission. they are responsible for sculptures around lake eola. the board will review proposals for public art and apply for art grant funding. seaworld orlando is taking big steps to expand the brand.
5:47 am
possibility of building a resort for guests. they hired the person behind universal resort to lead the project. in other news, seaworld chief park operations offer has been retired and be replaced by the president of seaworld san diego. star war fans will see a storm trooper march that will perform through the day and start in april. and there will be a stage show featuring some of your favorite characters and a star wars themes fireworks. great weather for the weekend. >> great weather for the race, parks and to the beach. so whatever your plans might be, get outside and enjoy it. satellite and radar is showing coastal clouds and the sunshine
5:48 am
but great weekend weather. it is usually much cooler around the daytona 500 race time. so we're enjoying great weather right now. so get outside and enjoy. it is a gorgeous morning. and we have a little touch of fog. and we'll get lots of sunshine today and a few more clouds rolling in tonight and partly cloudy skies for our sunday. but we'll be on a warming trend all the way through tuesday. right now, the thickest fog is in sumter and in lake county with the visibility at three miles or less. and a touch of fog as we head into sanford and daytona beach, but 9:00 a.m. it will be clear. a little cooler up in the north. 50s along the i40 corridor and 60s in the brevard county coastline. and we have 70s rocking the forecast this afternoon. so get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. it will feel like a spring day as we head into the afternoon
5:49 am
so much quieter than yesterday's blustery winds. future track is trying to bring a couple sprinkles onshore. but they'll stay in the atlantic. and we're going to see too dry of and air mass with the area of high pressure that will be prevailing. but we'll look at clouds fighting our forecast in the next 24 hours, especially along the coastline. so watch for a little more cloud coverage along the coast. and all of us will see clouds move in for our monday and mostly cloudy through the middle of the week. and the next front will start to brew as we head into our tuesday and we'll get a couple of sprinkles by monday night and a few more showers as we head into our tuesday and another system coming in on wednesday that looks to bring us a little more rainfall. in orange county we'll look at 77 in apopka, 76 in downtown in winter park and in bislow and metro west and waterford lakes, it will be a pretty day.
5:50 am
and 50s ruling everywhere we'll say good-bye to the 40s. the fives day forecast, the warmup all the way to tuesday. and we'll look at a 40% rain chance as we head into our tuesday and wednesday. the daytona 500 race is tomorrow at 1:00. and it will be a beautiful day for the race, nice and dry. 5:49. and the nascar season got underway last night with a truck race though in daytona. 89 days after kyle busch hoisted the sprint cup trophy, the nascar offseason especially over. they kicked off the first of 92 races across all three series. but with eight to go, turn three, the big one.
5:51 am
it led to a 27 minute red flag. and once they got it going. it got hairy again. and they waved christopher bell and he flipped numerous times and transported to the hop. but did he get out of the car at on his own. >> this is unbelievable. daytona is so special. and they made my job so easy today. when the truck runs like that it is fun. >> reporter: for sunday's daytona 500, we had a pair of practices yesterday at the track leaving one more tuneup before the flag drops on sunday. dale earnhardt junior looks like the man to beat. he won the thursday night duel and he is driving the same car that he won in three times last year and he named it amelia. >> we have some practices to get through. so anything could happen.
5:52 am
have this car for sunday just yet. but we'll go more into saving the car mode. >> reporter: in addition to this afternoon's final 500 practice, the ex finty series race gets underway. in orlando, the all-star break over for the magic. the newcomers made the presence felt. second quarter, jennings from deep in the first three shots and he had 18 on the night. and 16 from the turkey big man and the magic led dallas by five at the half. and to the third, mavs go in front. and chandler parsons, the silver hawk puts dallas up 59- 58. and the final minute, he snakes hi way to the hoop and -- his way to the hoop and we have overtime.
5:53 am
magic come up with the big win 110-104. finefully college baseball, ucf a huge come back and they scored five in the bottom of the ninth to win the season opener. here is a live look over downtown orlando. coming up, marina jurica will have another check of our weekend weather. you can interact with marina jurica and me this morning on twitter and facebook. here is a look what the is happening around central florida in the weeks ahead. for a complete list go to
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coming up in the next hour of eyewitness news this morning... >> reporter: a lake county teacher arrested after being accused of having sex with a student. i'll tell you about the on line website where they met. and as expected, i'm tracking some patchy fog this morning. but it is shaping up to be a beautiful weekend. i've got all the details at 6:00.
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right now this local teacher is accused of having sex with a student in a classroom and he is expected to face a judge. and where the victim claims that the two met. and voters are still searching for -- and the investigators are still searching for a teen that ran over a deputy. what we're learn being his violent past. good morning. i'm darlene jones. it is 6:00 on the dot. this is a live look over downtown orlando.


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